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~Impact SIIS~

Statewide Immunization Information System

Immunization registries are confidential, computerized information systems that provide a single source of immunization records for children, entered at birth through a linkage with electronic birth records or at the first contact with the health care provider. If your physician participates,every time your child receives an immunization it will be entered into the system. IMPACT SIIS is Ohio's Statewide Immunization Information System.

"One in five children in the U.S. receive at least one unnecessary dose of vaccine by the age of two, wasting $26.5 million in vaccine costs each year!"
(Quote from and CDC, viewed 12/27/06)

~ Benefits of Impact SIIS ~

For Medical Providers:
Saves time contacting or responding to other practices about immunizations and completing immunization forms for school, day care, camp and parent records
Reduces paperwork
Facilitates online ordering for Vaccines For Children
Avoids missed opportunities to immunize or over immunize
Increases immunization rates and quality of care
Manages vaccine supply more accurately
For Caregivers: (If your physician participates)
Ensures correct and timely immunizations for your child
Provides a centralized place to maintain your child's immunization records that are required for school, daycare, college and even the workplace.
Tracks any participating doctor or clinic that your child has visited and what immunizations are still needed.
Informs the caregiver with pre-appointment reminders, missed visit notices, and telephone calls to help make sure your child receives the right immunizations on time.

If you have any questions please contact:

Ohio Department of Health - Immunization Program - IMPACT SIIS

35 East Chestnut Street, 7th Floor

Columbus, Ohio 43215